Paul Hill, Jr

1:29 pm

Paul Hill, Jr. is a noted author, social worker, researcher and practitioner of ROP. For over 30 years, he served as head of a multi-service community organization, providing youth, adults, and elders with acclaimed programming in Cleveland, Ohio. A foremost expert on ROP as a strategy for youth and community development, his work has been noted in multiple books, articles, dissertations, and documentaries. Interest in ROP for youth development and community building began in the late 70’s. As a W. K. Kellogg leadership fellow (1989-1991), Hill conducted extensive research, traveling over 200,000 miles world-wide, including, but not limited to Africa, Central and South America, and Australia, researching how children in indigenous cultures are socialized from childhood into adulthood. Field research resulted in his first book, “Coming of Age” (1992). He recently wrote “Rites of Passage: Birth, Initiation, Marriage, Death,” a chapter in African Presence in Black America by Jacob Gordon. He also has a chapter, “Harvesting New Generations,: African Centered Rites of Passage on rites of passage”, in the recently published, Spring, 2014, The Psychology of Black Boys and Adolescents (2 volumes). Besides his phenomenal community service, Hill has been a devoted husband to Marquita McAllister Hill for 49 years; is a proud father of 7 children; grandfather to 9; and valued mentor to countless youth, students, community leaders, and others throughout his career.